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A change in US monetary policy

19th Dec, 2013

The US Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) recently announced it will taper its program of quantitative easing, from $85 billion per month to $75 billion per month. In this post we will explain what tapering is and how it might affect the global economy.

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Q&A: Inflation

26th Oct, 2013

What is inflation? How is it measured? What are the impacts of inflation? What is inflation? Inflation is the percentage change in the price of goods and services in an economy. You may have heard that inflation in the UK is currently at 2.7%, which means that (on average) people are paying 2.7% more this […]

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What is happening with the US government shutdown?

1st Oct, 2013

In this post What has happened? Why has this happened? What can we expect next? What has happened? Politicans in the US Congress have failed to reach an agreement to allow non-essential government agencies to spend anything for the year ahead. This means that some departments (such as some museums and tourist attractions) have to […]

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How do pensions compare to ISAs?

2nd Sep, 2013

Many people have built up sizeable pension pots in the hope that it will see them through retirement. However, there are alternative savings vehicles available that could be considered, such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). There are many pros and cons of both investment types, so we will explore the significant differences and how they […]

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When will interest rates rise?

9th Aug, 2013

There was an unexpected announcement after this month’s Monetary Policy Committee meeting, when the new Governor (Mark Carney) said that interest rates will not increase until the unemployment rate falls below 7%. This “forward guidance” from Carney clearly took the markets by surprise, as we saw an immediate fall in the FTSE and the value […]

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Saving for your children

6th Aug, 2013

Many parents and grandparents like to put money aside to save for their child’s future. University fees have already risen and many first-time buyers are struggling to save enough for their deposits, so any form savings could prove to be invaluable in the future. In the past a lot of people simply opened a bank […]

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The Falling British Pound

7th Jul, 2013

This week saw the Pound fall in value relative to other currencies, particularly the US dollar. In this post we will discuss what caused the drop and the potential outcomes of this in both the short and longer term.

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Tax efficient life insurance

6th Jun, 2013

Would you like HMRC to pay some of your life insurance premium? If you are a company employee or a Director, a Relevant Life Plan could let you do this.

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