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The positive side of an interest rate rise

16th Dec, 2015

There has been a lot of discussion about possible interest rate rises in the UK and US in recent months – mainly because the US is widely expected to increase its interest rate this afternoon. The UK is eventually expected to follow suit, but the timeline for this is blurry and has been pushed back […]

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Help to Buy ISAs

28th Oct, 2015

In the budget earlier this year Chancellor George Osborne announced the introduction of Help to Buy ISAs. These savings products are designed to help first time buyers get on the property ladder by paying a generous bonus direct from the government to a mortgage lender based on the amount you save. In this post we […]

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State pension top up scheme

14th Oct, 2015

Earlier this week the government announced a new state pension top up scheme. In this post we set out the background of this scheme and some of its pros and cons.

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Personal finance tips for those affected by SSI

9th Oct, 2015

The situation at SSI has gripped our local area for weeks now and many workers, contractors and those in the supply chain are already feeling the impact of the company liquidation. Unfortunately people of all ages have been affected, from apprentices who were just starting their careers to people nearing retirement age who have seen […]

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Market volatility

27th Aug, 2015

On Monday this week one of the most popular benchmarks for UK shares, the FTSE 100 index, closed around 3% down after a volatile day of trading. As of today the index has recovered virtually all the ground it lost since the end of last week. The US, China, Europe and indeed virtually the whole […]

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US Interest Rates

28th Jul, 2015

The U.S. Central Bank, the Federal Reserve (or “Fed”), is widely expected to increase its headline interest rate this year. In this post we explore the reasons behind this decision and the potential impact it might have on financial markets.

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2015 Budget – Take Two

8th Jul, 2015

The Chancellor, George Osborne, has announced his first Budget under the majority Conservative government. This is of course his second Budget this year but this is deemed necessary because the April Budget was announced under a coalition government. The Chancellor announced significant changes to some state benefits today, including tax credits, but we have focused […]

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Greek cash limits

6th Jul, 2015

The Greek government has imposed capital controls on Greek banks due to the fear of too many withdrawals being made. In this post we briefly explain what capital controls are and how they work.

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