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2018 Budget

29th Oct, 2018

  Today (29th October) the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, announced his second Autumn Budget. Traditionally the Budget is presented on a Wednesday, and Mr Hammond was keen to insist this change was not made to avoid his speech falling on Halloween. As usual the Budget covered everything from changes in welfare to changes […]

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Interest rates rise 0.25%

2nd Aug, 2018

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has voted unanimously to hike interest rates from 0.5% to 0.75%, taking the Base Rate above 0.5% for the first time since March 2009. In this post I have answered some common questions about this change. Many mortgages and new retirement annuities will be affected by this change. […]

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Time is running out: tax year end

15th Mar, 2018

We now have less than 3 weeks until the end of the current tax year, so there is just enough time to make the most of your remaining allowances (if you hurry). In this post I have summarised some of the key allowances you can take advantage of. Please bear in mind that these options […]

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State pension age increased (again)

20th Jul, 2017

On 19th July the government announced the state pension age will rise from 67 to 68 sooner than expected, a move which will affect around 6 million people. In this post I explain who this change will affect and why this has happened.

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Tax allowances for 2017-18

6th Apr, 2017

We are now in the new tax year which means there are new tax allowances, savings allowances and pensions allowances available for UK taxpayers. This post sets out the key allowances and a brief description of each. If you wish to discuss making use of any of these allowances please get in touch via our […]

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The 2017 Budget

8th Mar, 2017

Today the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, announced his first Budget. As usual the Budget covered everything from changes in welfare to changes in personal finance (which I have focused on in this post). If you have any questions about how these new measures could benefit you or your family please do not hesitate […]

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Last chance for pension contributions

6th Mar, 2017

As we draw ever closer to the end of the tax year it is worthwhile considering how pension contributions can be highly tax efficient in a wide range of circumstances. In this post I have listed different scenarios in which a pension contribution may be beneficial. Pension legislation is complicated so it is important to […]

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5 things to do before 6th April

26th Jan, 2017

The current tax year ends on 5th April 2017 and it is never to early to start your year-end financial planning. In this post I set out 5 things you could do before 6th April (depending on your budget and financial goals). If you would like to speak to one of our advisers about any […]

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