Advice for business owners

We offer advice to business owners and directors about a range of topics. This covers everything from setting up an auto enrolment scheme for your staff to advice about integrating your business and personal finances.

How we can help you and your business

If you own a limited company or work on a self-employed basis you might require advice on both your personal and business finances.

We can work alongside your other business advisers (including your accountant and solicitor) to ensure our recommendations are all-encompassing.


Business insurances

What would happen if you, or a key member of staff, passed away? Specialist life insurance policies exist which can help your business carry on without you and, most importantly, without negatively affecting your family’s finances. Other policies exist which pay out if an important member of staff passes away or suffers a serious illness. This can provide a lump sum to cover lost profits or to give you time to find a new employee.





If you are making profit but you aren’t saving into a pension then you could be missing out on various tax reliefs. You could reduce your tax bill whilst building up your personal wealth and planning for your eventual retirement.


Auto enrolment

If you are just setting up a new company you will need to set up a pension scheme for your staff. Alternatively if you are an established company you might have questions about your existing pension scheme or about how you should treat new members of staff. The rules around auto enrolment can be complex so it could save you time (and money) to seek professional advice. Our director holds a specialist qualification (the Certificate in Pensions Automatic Enrolment, via the Pensions Management Institute) and has helped numerous local companies to fulfill their auto enrolment duties.

Our fees

We offer a free, no obligation, initial meeting. This gives you an opportunity to find out more about our company and to get to know your adviser.

After your initial meeting your adviser will set out how we can help you and what fees will be payable for our services. If you choose not to use our services no fees will be payable.

We set different fees for different types of work, which is explained in more detail on the link below.

If you require advice about insurance you will not pay a fee for our advice and instead we will receive a commission from the insurance company if you take out a policy.

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