Do you have money in a low interest savings account or an investment/pension policy which you have not reviewed for some time? If so we can check this for you to ensure this money still fits in with your long term plans.

Your adviser will ask about your goals for the future and create a financial plan which incorporates your existing savings. As part of this plan we might recommend making changes to your existing policies or setting up a new policy to help you achieve your goals. Alternatively we might give you a “clean bill of health” and confirm that your current plans are on track to meet your goals.

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All savings and investments involve taking some risk. For example, even a savings account – which many people would consider “risk free” – runs the risk of not keeping pace with the rising cost of living and losing buying power over time.

There is a very wide range of investment and savings products available in the UK, each of which varies in terms of the level and type of risk it involves (ranging from very low risk to very high risk). As long as you are willing to accept some risk we can help you.

Alternatively, if we feel you will not be comfortable with taking investment risk, we will tell you this and help you consider other ways of saving for the future.

We can find the type of investment which is best suited to your circumstances. We do this using our knowledge and specialist research software which helps us pick a provider, product and investment to fit in with your plans. This decision will be based on a multitude of different factors, the key ones being how much risk you want to take and how much risk you can afford to take.

We consider ourselves investment and pension specialists. The vast majority of our advisers’ time is spent on creating investment/retirement plans for clients and performing investment research (including pursuing qualifications, attending seminars and keeping up to date with developments in financial markets).