Reviewing your current retirement savings

Many people have savings built up in different types of pension scheme, including workplace pensions, Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) or Defined Benefits pensions.

However, retirement saving is not limited to pensions. Many people save for their retirement in different ways, including buying an investment property or saving money into an Individual Savings Account (ISA).

We can review all of your current savings to ensure you are on track for retirement. This will involve assessing your circumstances and considering the pros and cons of each element of your retirement savings.

Saving for your retirement

Once we have assessed your current retirement savings we can then consider any shortfall and make a personalised plan to help close this gap. This will take into account your chosen retirement age, the budget you have available and the potential tax consequences of each type of investment.

If you wish to start (or increase) your retirement savings then a personal pension may be the right choice of tax wrapper for you. There are many benefits associated with saving into a pension, the most important being the valuable tax relief available. However, our advisers recognise that pensions aren’t right for everyone, so we can help you consider other savings options including cash-based savings or investing in an ISA. Normally it is best to have a combination of all of these types of savings policy to ensure you have a good mixture of readily available savings and long-term tax-efficient savings.

Investment options

We recognise there is no single correct way to manage investments because one of our client’s needs could be different to another client. We offer access to various investment types including active, passive and ethical investments.

Your adviser will discuss each type of investment with you and their final recommendation will be based on your preferences, experience and investment outlook.

If you are interested in finding out more you can read about each of these investment types here: Investment options