I mentioned to a work colleague that we needed pensions advice and he said Bob Little & Co offered a really good service and told me to go and have a chat with them.

My husband, Alan, and I both have private pensions. Alan is an auto-packing technician and has worked for quite a few companies and we wanted to amalgamate them all into one pension.

We made an appointment to see Chris Donnelly, who spent a couple of hours with us and was very thorough, explaining everything.

Alan had four pension pots so we gave Chris all the documentation and signed letters of authority to allow him to contact the different firms.

Chris found out what kind of schemes they were and then we arranged another meeting to discuss what we wanted to do and what was in our best interests.

Because Alan is over-55, we wanted to take the tax-free lump sum and we thought we had to take the drawdown, so much per month, but Chris advised us we didn’t have to do that.

He explained everything, including the implications from a tax point of view, which we hadn’t even thought of.

Chris was excellent, very professional and a credit to the company. I would have no hesitation recommending Bob Little & Co to anyone who wanted not just help with pensions but any kind of financial advice.

– Mrs Cessford, 54, an office administrator from Billingham

We came across Bob Little & Co through word of mouth from a friend who’d used the firm previously.

We were looking to plan towards our retirement and were a little bit anxious about going to seek financial advice at first, but it’s turned out to one of the best things we’ve ever done.

With the help of Bob Little & Co – and our adviser Martin Cockerill in particular – we’ve been in a position to retire far earlier than we expected to. Martin has been a pleasure to work with. We can’t sing his praises loudly enough.

We’re reviewing our situation on an annual basis now and when things change he’ll contact us or we can contact him at any time as well.

We’ve found all the staff, from those on reception to the girls in the back offices, to be really friendly and approachable but very professional as well and it’s been a pleasure going there.

Bob Little & Co have exceeded our expectations and we’ve recommended them to a number of other people.

– Recently retired couple, both 61, from Guisborough

We first used Bob Little & Co many years ago when we lived in the Whitby area. We were looking for a buy-to-let and the estate agent in Saltburn recommended Bob Little to advise on the mortgage.

Since then Martin Cockerill has helped us with both a buy-to-let and a personal mortgage and we’ve now followed that up by coming to him for pension advice.

My wife is eight years older than me and we’d always wondered how we would arrange things when it came to retirement. Martin Cockerill explored all the possibilities and we managed to make it work so that we were able to retire together, which is very pleasing to us.

We now live in Cumbria but we’ve stayed with Bob Little since moving over here because they’ve always been so good. We’ve trusted what they said and it’s always worked out for us.

When you walk through the door it says they offer financial services from the beginning of life through to everything else you could need and we’ve now worked our way through a number of those services.

– Mr Atkinson, 56, a retired senior quantity surveyor who lives near Penrith

With some organisations you’re not always quite sure whether they’re mainly in it for themselves or for their clients. But I feel that Bob Little & Co always have our best interests at heart.

They’re very good and they’ve also helped our children as well. When they were going to university, Bob was an advocate of them taking the student loans that were available at low interest and investing their savings in order to get a better return. In a sense that’s helped our children recognise that good financial management should start when you’re young.

Since then one of them has bought buy-to-lets and they go through Robert for all those things. Robert comes over as a very genuine person and I always get a good feeling about the team who work in the office. Many of them have been with him for a long time, which usually indicates that it’s a good operation.

– Kevin, 68, a retired civil engineer from Wakefield, has been with Bob Little & Co since the mid-1990s and has used the firm for advice on investments, pensions and mortgages. Initially, his adviser was founder Bob Little and he now deals with Bob’s son, current director Robert.