Sisters Nicola Wright and Lisa Stacey have worked together at an award-winning Redcar finance company for 20 years – and they love it so much that two more generations of the family have joined them.

Nicola was the trailblazer when she started with Bob Little & Co on the Youth Training Scheme shortly after leaving school in 1998. Lisa followed her a year later and her daughter Stephanie Brooke is now on the staff as well, while their dad Dave looks after the gardens at the firm’s Kirkleatham headquarters.

“I don’t feel old enough to have been here for 20 years” says Nicola, who was recruited by the firm’s founder Bob Little, who sadly passed away in 2011.

“I’d already had two interviews but I didn’t have a car so I wanted a job nearer to home in New Marske. It was meeting Bob that made me choose to come here.

“He was such a people person, warm and kind-hearted and with a way of getting your life story out of you. He spent as much time with clients talking about their life stories as their investments.

“I always admired his ethos. I’m just lucky he took a chance on me. I’ve stayed because of the people I work with, we just have such a good team.”